Texas City Dog Park

Pets and People at Dix Park Dog Park_1200px_16x9_0Texas City has a dog park located at 1500 29th St N, Texas City, TX 77590. Let your pups have a day out and come enjoy this beautiful park specially made for our resident’s fur babies!! Please make sure you are aware of and obey the park rules so our dogs remain safe while enjoying the day!!


Owners are liable for damage or injury inflicted by their dog (s). This means owners are legally and financially responsible for their dog’s behavior. The City of Texas City has no liability or responsibility for injuries in the dog park. 

Limit of 2 dogs per person per visit. All dogs must have current vaccinations and registration and must wear a collar with current rabies vaccination and registration tags. Dog owners/handlers must have a current rabies vaccination certificate available and comply with current City of Texas City Animal Ordinances.

Dogs must be leashed before entering and upon leaving the Park and must be leashed in the transition corridor. Owners must have a visible leash for each dog at all times. 

Owners must have visible pet waste disposal materials at all times and must pick up your dog’s fecal matter & properly dispose of it in a trash receptacle. 

Owners must be in verbal and sight control of their dogs at all times and prevent aggressive behavior, biting, fighting, and aggressive barking. Never leave your dog (s) unattended.

Dogs with a known history of dangerous behavior are prohibited. Immediately leash your dog (s) and leave the Dog Park if your dog behaves aggressively. 

No puppies under 4 months of age are allowed in the Dog Park. No female dogs in heat are allowed in the Dog Park. 

Children 8 and under are not allowed in the off leash area. Children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult. 

Handlers must be 18 or older. 

No dog or people food is allowed in the Dog Park. 

The small dog Off-Leash Area is for dogs less than twenty-five (25) pounds only. Small dogs are permitted in the large dog OffLeash Area but enter at your own risk. The large dog Off-Leash Area is for dogs weighing twenty-five (25) pounds or more. Large dogs are NOT permitted in small dog area. Violation of City.