Family Violence Information

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TEXAS CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT Notice to Adult Victims of Family Violence 

It is a crime for any person to cause you any physical injury or harm even if that person is a member or former member of your family or household. Please tell the investigating officer if you, your child, or any other household resident has been injured, or if you feel you are going to be in danger when the officer leaves or later! You have the right to ask the local prosecutor to file a criminal complaint against the person committing the family violence, and apply to the court for an order to protect you (you should consult a legal aid office, a prosecuting attorney, or a private attorney). For example, the court can enter an order that: 1. The abuser not commit further acts of violence; 2. The abuser not threaten, harass, or contact you at home; 3. Directs the abuser to leave your household; 4. Establishes temporary custody of the children and directs the abuser not to interfere with the children or any property. A violation of certain provisions of Court-Ordered Protection (such as (1) and (2) above) is a criminal offense. 

CALL THE FOLLOWING VIOLENCE SHELTERS OR SOCIAL ORGANIZATIONS IF YOU NEED PROTECTION. 1. The Resource and Crisis Center of Galveston County 409-765-SAFE (7233) 888-919-SAFE (7233) 2. Adult / Children’s Protective Services 800-252-5400