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The City of Texas City Building Department is responsible for reviewing project plans, issuing building permits, inspecting all types of construction and remodeling projects as well as issuing certificates of completion or certificates of occupancy when all requirements are met. Permits enable the City to enforce the life-safety provisions of the building codes in Texas.

These codes are a minimum standard, protecting life, health, property and public welfare by insuring public and private buildings meet a quality standard set for all buildings in the State of Texas.



Effective November 16, 2023, the City of Texas City Commission adopted the building codes in effect for Texas City, TX. From and after November 16, 2023, all building plans submitted for permits must be designed and constructed in accordance with the following versions of the International Code Council (ICC) family of codes and the National Electrical Code (NEC):

Please remember all stamped building plans submitted for permits must reference the applicable code by name and date. Permit applications will be denied when building plans are not stamped or do not reference the correct code by name and date. 

Please make note of this information to avoid delays in the processing of your building permit applications.