Disaster Planning

The routine of our daily lives can easily be disrupted by emergencies and/or disasters and each event can have immediate and lasting effects. People can be seriously injured, or sometimes killed, and property damage can run into millions of dollars. The goal of the Galveston County Office of Emergency Management is to prepare the County to respond to, and recover from the effects of disasters and emergencies. Our goal will be accomplished, in part, by the utilization of the County's resources as well as the resources of local jurisdictions, the state, and federal government.

As the need arises, additional support and assistance will be provided by agencies such as the:

Along with these service agencies are dedicated volunteers who extend themselves to assist the County when called upon.

When emergencies occur, emergency management departments (Police, Fire, EMS, Public Works, and Health) are trained to respond to the areas affected by the event. It is the responsibility of all of us to be personally prepared to respond to and manage the effects of a disaster. Galveston County's Office of Emergency Management has prepared self-help booklets and pamphlets to assist you in developing your personal emergency preparedness program for your family's protection. Emergency Management staff members are also available for emergency preparedness presentations to civic groups and other organizations.

Knowing What to Do

Remember, knowing what to do in emergencies is your responsibility. More importantly, knowing what to do is the best protection for you and your family.

Knowing what to do protects you and your family, so:

  • Learn about potential hazards and how to deal with them
  • Develop an emergency plan
  • Practice and maintain your emergency plan