Winter Weather

Galveston County is generally spared from dealing with severe winter weather. Occasionally, we are subjected to freezing or below freezing temperatures. Being prepared is the best way to cope with winter weather conditions when they impact our area. Some of the conditions the public may have to deal with are:

Ice Storms

May cause a disruption of communications and electrical services, and contribute to unsafe driving conditions. Bridges, overpasses, and some highways may close due to icing.

Below Freezing Temperatures

Coupled with wind chill factor (rate of heat loss from exposed skin caused by combined effects of wind and cold) people should protect themselves by wearing sufficient clothing, including a cap and gloves when outside, to help retain body heat. Do not forget to protect the "4 Ps":

  • People
  • Pets
  • Pipes
  • Plants

Home Heating System

Loss of lives and damage to houses caused by fires tends to increase during the winter due to unsafe use or operating condition of home heating systems (especially space heaters). If possible, have your home heating system checked to be sure it is in proper working order prior to the winter season. Installing smoke alarms in your home is advisable.

Personal Vehicle

Do not forget to have your vehicle's antifreeze level checked.