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  2. Mailed Forms

Email Forms

Please read all forms before paying. If you pay your fine before you receive a confirmation letter from Texas City Municipal Court it may result in a conviction.

Please wait 72 hours after citation is issued before submitting any online request.

Deferred Disposition Request Form

Important notice: if you pay the fine before the deferral is accepted you will not be given a deferral and you will receive a conviction.

Deferred Disposition E-mail Form

After completing the Deferral by Email Form, copy and paste into a new email and submit by email (

After you receive a confirmation email back from the Municipal Court regarding your deferral then you may pay the fine online via our Payment Portal (CDL holders are not eligible).

Request for Driving Safety Course

After completing the Driving Safety Course Request by Email Form, copy and paste into a new email and attachment a color copy of your Drivers License and a current copy of your proof of insurance with your name on it and submit by email (

The state fee of $144 will need to be paid 24 hours from the date of approval. Do not pay this amount until you have received email confirmation of approval. We must receive this before the initial appearance date on your citation.

Do not take the course or pay the fine until you receive a confirmation from the Municipal Court (CDL holders are not eligible).

Insurance Verification Form

Per the Texas Transportation Code, Article 601.193, proof of insurance may be submitted to the court for dismissal of a citation. The insurance must be valid at the date and time of the traffic stop and must cover the vehicle and the driver.

Complete the Insurance Verification Form and email it back along with a copy of the valid insurance card.

Extension Form

Before an extension may be approved you must fill out the Extension Request by Email Form and email it back (we will not accept a letter requesting an extension it must be on the Extension Form). We must receive this form along with a copy of your Drivers License before your initial appearance date.

This will result in a conviction.

Plea Form

Please Note: Persons entering a plea of Not Guilty are not eligible for Defensive Driving or Deferred Disposition. If you are contesting your citation you will need to sign the Plea Form as Not Guilty and return the form by email.

A pre-trial date will be mailed back to you via United States Postal Service.