Library Board of Trustees

Library Board- Nine (9) members appointed by Mayor and confirmed by City Commission. Three (3) years, to be staggered; 3 members to be appointed for 1 year: 3 members to be appointed 2 years and 3 to be appointed 3 years. After the 1st year appointments will be for 3 years. Meetings will be held bi-monthly, (Feb., April, June, Aug., Oct., and Dec.). The meetings are held on the 4th Monday.


  • Brandon Johnson, Trustee
  • Shirley Mapps, Trustee
  • Deana Rac, Trustee
  • Vacant, Trustee
  • Stephanie Doyle, Trustee
  • Donna Steele, Trustee
  • Jill Halasz, Trustee
  • Dr. Lynn Raye Ellison, Trustee
  • Christina Bergvall, Trustee

Please direct all questions, comments, and/or concerns to Cheryl Loewen, Library Director.