Brush, Clippings & Bulky Items

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  2. Bulky Item Disposal
  3. Construction Materials & Remodeling Debris

Brush & Bagged Lawn Clippings Collection

Brush and bagged leaf/lawn clippings collection is provided once per week to all City residential solid waste customers. Collection days vary due to fluctuations in brush volume. Simply place your brush pile in front of your home, following the guidelines below, and our truck will pick it up.

Brush Pile Guidelines

  • No longer than 8 feet in length
  • Place brush piles within 12 feet of the curb or edge of the road
  • Do not mix any other material into the brush
  • Do not place brush piles near vehicles, fences mailboxes, utility boxes, meters, or any other obstructions
  • Do not place brush beneath overhead wires or tree limbs
  • Do not place brush on the street
  • Must use clear or translucent bags for leaf/lawn clippings