Insufficient Funds (NSF)

If payment on a water account is made with an insufficient check or bank draft (NSF), said check/bank draft will be run through twice by the City's clearing house prior to returning to the Finance Department for distribution to proper City department.

Upon receipt of said NSF check/bank draft for a water account, the Utility Billing Department investigates and locates appropriate water account:

  • Charge the customer a Returned Check/Bank Draft service charge of $25 per check/bank draft.
  • If more than three NSFs occur on said water account, a notation (/C) is placed on the account to denote that the City will no longer accept checks/bank drafts for this account.
  • The Utility Billing Department will contact the customer by phone or a door hanger in regards to handling NSFs in our office.
  • Only cash, debit/credit card, money order or cashier's check will be accepted as payment.
  • If payment not made by the third day of notice, a disconnection service order will be issued and an additional service charge of $25 will be added for payment.