Open House Strategies

For a successful open house here are some helpful tips:

  • Pick a theme - Pick a theme that is popular at the time and tie slogans, decorations, etc. to the theme.
  • Be Creative - Do something you would not normally see or do at your type of store.
  • Have refreshments - drinks (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) and light fare often bring people in and often does not have to be that expensive or elaborate.
  • Decorations - Decorate in a theme and change from what you typically have. Bright, loud or contrasting often draws attention.
  • Use your customer list and mail, email, or facebook them to inform them of the event. Make sure you tell them to invite or tell their friends.
  • Do demonstrations or provide informational tips at various times.
  • Bring in a celebrity to meet, sign autographs or do demonstrations.
  • Have special discounts or reduced pricing.
  • Give some small gift or have a raffle.
  • Provide a fun atmosphere with music - live or recorded - to make people feel festive.
  • Promote, promote, promote - Make sure from the outside of the building people know something is going on inside: newspapers, websites, Facebook, Twitter, radio, TV, other businesses, etc. are all ways to make people outside know you are doing something in your business.