Industrial Development Corporation

The City of Texas City Industrial Development Corporation was created to issue industrial development revenue bonds for the purpose of paying all or part of the costs of constructing and acquiring one or more commercial, industrial or manufacturing facilities within the City, or for the purpose of loaning the proceeds to one or more corporations duly authorized to do business in the State of Texas, in order to provide temporary or permanent financing of all or part of the cost of constructing and acquiring a commercial, industrial, or manufacturing facility. The board of directors is appointed by the City; however, none of the directors is a member of the City Commission. The corporation’s operational budget is subject to approval by the City Commission.

Meeting Information
Texas City Industrial Development- Five (5) members; three (3) year terms, or until a successor appointed. That there are no limits to the number of consecutive terms Board members may serve.


  • Joe Kainer
  • Randy Dietel
  • William T. Etheredge
  • John Hackbarth
  • Rev. Jerry Lee

Please direct all questions, comments, and/or concerns to Rhomari Leigh, City Secretary.