I have entered my name, email and phone number. How will I receive notification on progress?

We have established Complaint Status Categories. As each complaint works through the Code Complaint Report Module it is assigned a Status for tracking purposes:

  • Pending –Each complaint received is automatically assigned Pending status. This status indicates that an investigator has not yet reviewed the complaint.
  • Accepted – Complaint has been accepted for investigation and review by a Code Enforcement Official.
  • In Progress – The complaint is being actively worked as a Code Enforcement Project.
  • Completed – Case is closed with satisfactory result. This may be either by voluntary compliance or forced compliance.
  • Canceled – a complaint may be canceled because we have received the same complaint from another citizen.
  • Declined – Upon investigation an investigator was unable to identify a code violation.
  • Occasionally, an investigator may provide an update during the In Progress status as available.

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2. I have entered my name, email and phone number. How will I receive notification on progress?
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